Serteco S.p.A.  was established in 1978 through the conversion of another service company with headquarters in Triest. The staff is made up of engineers, surveyors and qualified technicians either employed with the company or bound by permanent collaboration contracts.

The company operates through a central technical-administrative group, which co-ordinates its professionals and subsidiary companies to work on projects in the fields of city planning, construction, plant systems, structures, infrastructures and research, as well as rendering services related to self-management of works and works management for third parties.

The company can boast various experiences in the environmental sector (assessment of environmental impact, design of ecological plants, quarry restoration projects), in the city planning and transport sectors (territorial planning, traffic analysis and transport planning), in the construction sector (typological studies to assess beneficial costs, projects for residential complexes, building recovery and restoration) and in the sector of infrastructures and studies (roads, aqueducts, sewer systems, conditioning plants, studies on layouts and on the safety of river basins, tests and checks on models).

The staff is made up of various professionals specialised in the various sectors of operation, either employed by the company or bound by permanent collaboration contracts; the company also avails itself on a continuing basis of services from various university consultants. Since 1996 the company has been specialised in the supply of all engineering services required to install fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, working for the main Providers and Vendors both in Italy and abroad.
SERTECO in particular has gained considerable experience in the design, works management and high-level surveillance of civil works, buildings and plant systems concerning the installation of radio base stations for cellular mobile telephony with GSM, DCS, UMTS and DVB-H systems. SERTECO’s main customers are the national companies TIM, VODAFONE, H3G, WIND (indirectly through its Vendors) and the companies operating in this field such as ERICSSON, ALCATEL as well as some of the major Italian construction companies. Through the years SERTECO has acquired a thorough knowledge of all the problems connected with the implementation of mobile telephone networks, especially in the start-up stage and also in relation to the specific situations in which the network is to be installed: in this context the experience the company has acquired locally and regionally in the field of city planning constitutes an important asset. With the experience it has gained over the years in various specific fields of civil engineering,

SERTECO is capable of managing the entire installation process of the works starting from understanding the customer's needs to the drafting of the preliminary, final and executive design to the management of contract work and contracts with the companies carrying out the work and to works management with work progress control, quality control and cost management. These activities are carried out at the Udine headquarters. Furthermore, SERTECO was a licensee of the Udine Fair Grounds (Ente Fiera Udine Esposizioni - now Udine e Gorizia Fiere Co.) for the design and implementation of a renewal project for the entire Fair Grounds of Udine.


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